E+ GENERATION Scambio Giovanile sulla Cultura in Italy



This is the creation of Emilia, one of the Swedish youth participating in the Youth Exchanges coordinated by Kungalvs Kommun in partnership with Sabbeen Group (IT), Ballyfermot Youth Service (IE) and AT ONIX (RO) in July 2018, in Italy. This project was supported by the Erasmus+ programme. The present material reflects the view of the publisher and not necessarily the one of the financing body, which cannot be held responsible for any views expressed within the current publication.

The „E+ generation” project is a KA1 youth mobility project within the Erasmus+ programme that took place in Soave, northern Italy. The project had the aim  to support in an innovative way the personal development of young people, to help them in acquiring and developing competences, life skills in tune with today’s society. Based on the themes of European Awareness and Anti-discrimination, the project revolved around three major objectives:

– to cultivate EU Citizenship competences of 32 young people from 4 countries during the 7 days

– to cultivate positive attitudes through intercultural dialogue  for 32 young people from 4 countries during 7 days

– to support creativity and social entrepreneurship initiatives amongst 32 young people from 4 countries

 – to promote European cultural heritage

 – to raise European awareness of 1.000 young people from communities in 4 different countries

Thus, in the 7 days of Activity, 32 participants, aged 13-20 plus 8 leaders, from Sweden, Romania, Italy and Ireland have explored topics of interest and cultivated their personal development throughout the Activity, exchanging ideas and finding common grounds of cooperation. During the activity, there was used a wide range of non formal education tools and methods at their best in order to guide young people to get to know Europe and their context, support in developing creativity and initiative for youth related activities and meet different cultures, experiencing the “All different, all equal” motto, aimed at tackling social problems – discrimination in it’s various forms.

               The Activity was implemented in the spirit of Non formal education and  were used different methods like workshops, role playing, improvisation theatre, various simulation games and group building games, world cafe and free discussions.

 During the mobility and not only, participants from different countries and different cultures had the central role in various types of workshops about European citizenship, inclusion everything using cultural expressions of young people’s modern culture  (music, break dance, modern dancing, street art, pop culture etc, workshops on creativity and street entertainment). During the Activity of the project participants have also brought knowledge and shared, in a multicultural context, elements European Cultural Heritage related to their own country and not only.

Cosmin Saic
Program & Project Manager

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